Vote Matthew Beatty
For City Commissioner

On Thursday, September 15, 2005!


Matthew Beatty
10200 Herons Ridge Lane
Lakeland, Tennessee 38002
( (901) 867-2119        


v      Happily married to Rachael; going on 20 years!

v      Father of Gunther (13) and Gwendallyn (11);
both will be Arlington Middles School students.

v      Chose to leave the employment pool to stay at home and focus on family and community.

v      Prior employment includes Subdivision Consultant/Project Manager, Software Development Project Manager, Programmer Analyst, Internet Application Developer and Systems Administration.

v      Active member of Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Memphis TN.


v      Chair of the Lakeland Parks & Recreation Board

v      Chair of the Lakeland Tree Board

v      Vice-Chair of the Lakeland Municipal Planning Commission

v      Member of the Lakeland Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

v      Member of Partnership Lakeland

v      Past member of the Lakeland Design Review Commission

v      Lakeland Elementary School PTSA member (past)

v      Arlington Middle School PTSA member

v      Member of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

v      Member of the National Arbor Day Foundation

v      Current “CityWatch on Qnet” Editor


v      I consider myself conservative when it comes to fiscal policy. I believe current fiscal policy of putting money into reserves is the right strategy at this time and would continue to support that strategy if elected. I also believe that the city is well positioned to maintain the status of being property tax free. It is possible that external factors can impact that status. I would vote against any creation of a property tax that was not supported by a referendum of the citizens of Lakeland.

v      Successful government is built on relationships and successful relationships are grounded in open communication. The citizens of Lakeland should not have to feel that they need to supervise their government. People should look forward to reading Qnet and CityWatch, not because it might contain some alarming material they did not hear yet, but because they enjoy reading news about their community. Before I even knew about Qnet or CityWatch, I started an email list for my neighborhood so that City and Community issues would be communicated promptly. People stay informed and involved when communication is open, honest and timely.

v      I began my service to the City of Lakeland on the Parks and Recreation Board and Lakeland Tree Board. As the current Chair of both boards, I have worked hard to organize the staff and board into a position to accomplish a significant number of new tasks. I represent both boards on the Lakeland Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. I was quite pleased to find that the citizens of Lakeland place high value on their natural resources. I look forward to seeing those values reflected in the updated Comprehensive Plan. It would be my pleasure, as a Commissioner, seeing those guiding principles implemented in changes to our codes and ordinances.

v      I view the position of Commissioner as a Servant Leader of the community. The first purpose of the position is to obey and enforce the laws of the United States, the State of Tennessee, Shelby County and the City of Lakeland. The second purpose of the position is to listen, reflect and respond to the citizens, both their values and their concerns. Diversity in opinion is a healthy contribution to debate, but time should always be made to reconcile differences.

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